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Conference Program: SIGMOD Sessions

This page describes the complete SIGMOD Conference program. Please use the following links to skip to the sessions of interest:



Research Session 1: Security I
Session Chair: Gerome Miklau
Authenticated Join Processing in Outsourced Databases
Yin Yang (HKUST)
Dimitris Papadias (HKUST)
Stavros Papadopoulos (HKUST)
Panos Kalnis (KAUST)
Privacy Integrated Queries
Frank D. McSherry (Microsoft Research)
Secure Outsourced Aggregation via One-way Chains
Suman Nath (Microsoft Research)
Haifeng Yu (National University of Singapore)
Haowen Chan (Carnegie Mellon University)

Research Session 2: Databases on Modern Hardware
Session Chair: Natassa Ailamaki
Dependency-Aware Reordering for Parallelizing Query Optimization in Multi-Core CPUs
Wook-Shin Han (Kyungpook National University)
Jinsoo Lee (Kyungpook National University)
Query Processing Techniques for Solid State Drives
Dimitris Tsirogiannis (University of Toronto)
Stavros Harizopoulos (HP Labs)
Mehul A. Shah (HP Labs)
Janet L. Wiener (HP Labs)
Goetz Graefe (HP Labs)
FlashLogging: Exploiting Flash Devices for Synchronous Logging Performance
Shimin Chen (Intel Research Pittsburgh)

Research Session 3: Information Extraction
Session Chair: Mirek Riedewald
Efficiently Incorporating User Feedback into Information Extraction and Integration Programs
Xiaoyong Chai (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ba-Quy Vuong (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
AnHai Doan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jeffrey F. Naughton (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Uncertainty Management in Rule-Based Information Extraction Systems
Eirinaios Michelakis (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
Rajasekar Krishnamurthy (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Peter J. Haas (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Shivakumar Vaithyanathan (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Skip-and-Prune: Cosine-based Top-K Query Processing for Efficient Context-Sensitive Document Retrieval
Jong Wook Kim (Arizona State University)
K. Selcuk Candan (Arizona State University)

Research Session 4: Security II
Session Chair: Dan Suciu
Attacks on Privacy and deFinetti's Theorem
Daniel Kifer (Penn State University)
Secure kNN Computation on Encrypted Databases
Wai Kit Wong (The University of Hong Kong)
David Wai-lok Cheung (The University of Hong Kong)
Ben Kao (The University of Hong Kong)
Nikos Mamoulis (The University of Hong Kong)
Privacy Preservation of Aggregates in Hidden Databases: Why and How?
Arjun Dasgupta (University of Texas at Arlington)
Nan Zhang (George Washington University)
Gautam Das (University of Texas at Arlington)
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)

Research Session 5: Large-Scale Data Analysis
Session Chair: Nesime Tatbul
A Comparison of Approaches to Large-Scale Data Analysis
Andrew Pavlo (Brown University)
Erik Paulson (University of Wisconsin)
Alexander Rasin (Brown University)
Daniel J. Abadi (Yale University)
David J. DeWitt (Microsoft)
Samuel Madden (M.I.T. CSAIL)
Michael Stonebraker (M.I.T. CSAIL)
Asynchronous View Maintenance for VLSD Databases
Parag Agrawal (Stanford University)
Adam Silberstein (Yahoo! Research)
Brian F. Cooper (Yahoo! Research)
Utkarsh Srivastava (Yahoo! Research)
Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Research)
ZStream: A Cost-based Query Processor for Adaptively Detecting Composite Events
Yuan Mei (MIT)
Samuel Madden (MIT)

Research Session 6: Entity Resolution
Session Chair: Omar Benjelloun
Exploiting Context Analysis for Combining Multiple Entity Resolution Systems
Zhaoqi Chen (Microsoft Corporation)
Dmitri V. Kalashnikov (University of California, Irvine)
Sharad Mehrotra (University of California, Irvine)
Entity Resolution with Iterative Blocking
Steven Euijong Whang (Stanford University)
David Menestrina (Stanford University)
Georgia Koutrika (Stanford University)
Martin Theobald (Stanford University)
Hector Garcia-Molina (Stanford University)
A Grammar-based Entity Representation Framework for Data Cleaning
Arvind Arasu (Microsoft Research)
Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft Research)

Research Session 7: Testing and Security
Session Chair: Shivnath Babu
Generating Example Data for Dataflow Programs
Christopher Olston (Yahoo! Research)
Shubham Chopra (Yahoo! Research)
Utkarsh Srivastava (Yahoo! Research)
A Framework for Testing Query Transformation Rules
Hicham G. Elmongui (Purdue University)
Vivek Narasayya (Microsoft Research)
Ravishankar Ramamurthy (Microsoft Research)
Cross-tier, Label-based Security Enforcement for Web Applications
Brian J. Corcoran (University of Maryland)
Nikhil Swamy (Microsoft Research)
Michael Hicks (University of Maryland)

Research Session 8: Column Stores
Session Chair: Florian Waas
Dictionary-based Order-preserving String Compression for Main Memory Column Stores
Carsten Binnig (ETH Zurich)
Stefan Hildenbrand (ETH Zurich)
Franz Faerber (SAP AG)
Self-organizing Tuple Reconstruction in Column-stores
Stratos Idreos (CWI)
Martin Kersten (CWI)
Stefan Manegold (CWI)
An Architecture for Recycling Intermediates in a Column-store
Milena G. Ivanova (CWI)
Martin L. Kersten (CWI)
Niels J. Nes (CWI)
Romulo A.P. Goncalves (CWI)

Research Session 9: Data on the Web
Session Chair: Luis Gravano
Optimizing Complex Extraction Programs over Evolving Text Data
Fei Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Byron J. Gao (Texas State  University-San Marcos)
AnHai Doan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jun Yang (Duke University)
Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Research)
Robust Web Extraction: An Approach Based on a Probabilistic Tree-Edit Model
Nilesh Dalvi (Yahoo! Research)
Philip Bohannon (Yahoo! Research)
Fei Sha (University of Southern California)
Combining Keyword Search and Forms for Ad Hoc Querying of Databases
Eric Chu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Akanksha Baid (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Xiaoyong Chai (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
AnHai Doan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jeffrey Naughton (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Session 10: Probabilistic Databases I
Session Chair: Shel Finkelstein
Ranking Distributed Probabilistic Data
Feifei Li (Florida State University)
Ke Yi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Jeffrey Jestes (Florida State University)
Top-k Queries on Uncertain Data: On Score Distribution and Typical Answers
Tingjian Ge (Brown University)
Stan Zdonik (Brown University)
Samuel Madden (MIT)
Secondary-Storage Confidence Computation for Conjunctive Queries with Inequalities
Dan Olteanu (Computing Laboratory, Oxford University)
Jiewen Huang (Computing Laboratory, Oxford University)

Reseach Session 11: Database Optimization
Session Chair: Hank Korth
Query Simplification: Graceful Degradation for Join-Order Optimization
Thomas Neumann (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics)
Robust and Efficient Algorithms for Rank Join Evaluation
Jonathan Finger (University of California Santa Cruz)
Neoklis Polyzotis (University of California Santa Cruz)
Incremental Maintenance of Length Normalized Indexes for Approximate String Matching
Marios Hadjieleftheriou (AT&T Labs – Research)
Nick Koudas (University of Toronto)
Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs – Research)

Reseach Session 12: Probabilistic Databases II
Session Chair: Minos Garofalakis
MC3: Managing Uncertain Enterprise Data in a Cluster-Computing Environment
Fei Xu (University of Florida)
Kevin Beyer (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Vuk Ercegovac (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Peter J. Haas (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Eugene J. Shekita (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Indexing Correlated Probabilistic Databases
Bhargav Kanagal (University of Maryland)
Amol Deshpande (University of Maryland)
Estimating the Confidence of Conditional Functional Dependencies
Graham Cormode (AT&T Labs)
Lukasz Golab (AT&T Labs)
Flip Korn (AT&T Labs)
Andrew McGregor (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs)
Xi Zhang (SUNY Buffalo)

Research Session 13: Skyline Query Processing
Session Chair: Beng Chin Ooi
Scalable Skyline Computation Using Object-based Space Partitioning
Shiming Zhang (University of Hong Kong)
Nikos Mamoulis (University of Hong Kong)
David W. Cheung (University of Hong Kong)
Minimizing the Communication Cost for Continuous Skyline Maintenance
Zhenjie Zhang (National University of Singapore)
Reynold Cheng (Hong Kong University)
Dimitris Papadias (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Anthony K. H. Tung (National University of Singapore)
Kernel-Based Skyline Cardinality Estimation
Zhenjie Zhang (NUS)
Yin Yang (HKUST)
Ruichu Cai (SCUT)
Dimitris Papadias (HKUST)
Anthony Tung (NUS)

Research Session 14: Understanding Data and Queries
Session Chair: Divesh Srivastava
Why Not?
Adriane Chapman (The MITRE Corporation)
H.V. Jagadish (University of Michigan)
Query by Output
Quoc Trung Tran (National University of Singapore)
Chee-Yong Chan (National University of Singapore)
Srinivasan Parthasarathy (The Ohio State University)
Detecting and Resolving Unsound Workflow Views for Correct Provenance Analysis
Peng Sun (Arizona State University)
Ziyang Liu (Arizona State University)
Susan B. Davidson (University of Pennsylvania)
Yi Chen (Arizona State University)

Research Session 15: Nearest Neighbor Search
Session Chair: Dimitris Gunopulos
Quality and Efficiency in High Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Search
Yufei Tao (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Ke Yi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Cheng Sheng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Panos Kalnis (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Continuous Obstructed Nearest Neighbor Queries in Spatial Databases
Yunjun Gao (Singapore Management University)
Baihua Zheng (Singapore Management University)
Monitoring Path Nearest Neighbor in Road Networks
Zaiben Chen (The University of Queensland)
Heng Tao Shen (The University of Queensland)
Xiaofang Zhou (The University of Queensland)
Jeffrey Xu Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Research Session 16: Query Processing on Semi-structured Data
Session Chair: Torsten Grust
Cost Based Plan Selection for XPath
Haris Georgiadis (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Minas Charalambides (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Vasilis Vassalos (Athens University of Economics and Business)
ROX: Run-time Optimization of XQueries
Riham Abdel Kader (University of Twente)
Peter Boncz (CWI)
Stefan Manegold (CWI)
Maurice Van Keulen (University of Twente)
Scalable Join Processing on Very Large RDF Graphs
Thomas Neumann (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics)
Gerhard Weikum (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics)

Research Session 17: Data Integration
Session Chair: Renée Miller
Top-K Generation of Integrated Schemas Based on Directed and Weighted Correspondences
Ahmed Radwan (College of Engineering, University of Miami)
Lucian Popa (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Ioana R. Stanoi (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Akmal Younis (College of Engineering, University of Miami)
Core Schema Mappings
Giansalvatore Mecca (Universita della Basilicata)
Paolo Papotti (Universita Roma Tre)
Salvatore Raunich (Universita della Basilicata)
A Gauss Funtion based Approach for Unbalanced Ontology Matching
Qian Zhong (Tsinghua University)
Hanyu Li (IBM CRL)
Juanzi Li (Tsinghua University)
Guotong Xie (IBM CRL)
Jie Tang (Tsinghua University)
Lizhu Zhou (Tsinghua University)
Yue Pan (IBM CRL)

Research Session 18: Keyword Search
Session Chair: Yannis Papakonstantinou
Keyword Search in Databases: The Power of RDBMS
Lu Qin (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Jeffrey Xu Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Lijun Chang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Efficient Type-Ahead Search on Relational Data: A TASTIER Approach
Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University)
Shengyue Ji (UCI)
Chen Li (UCI)
Jianhua Feng (Tsinghua University)
Extending Autocompletion to Tolerate Errors
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Corporation)
Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft Corporation)

Research Session 19: Semi-structured Data Management
Session Chair: Tamer Ozsu
DDE: From Dewey to a Fully Dynamic XML Labeling Scheme
Liang Xu (National University of Singapore)
Tok Wang Ling (National University of Singapore)
Huayu Wu (National University of Singapore)
Zhifeng Bao (National University of Singapore)
Simplifying XML Schema: Effortless Handling of Nondeterministic Regular Expressions
Geert Jan Bex (Hasselt University and Transnational University of Limburg)
Wouter Gelade (Hasselt University and Transnational University of Limburg)
Wim Martens (Technical University of Dortmund)
Frank Neven (Hasselt University and Transnational University of Limburg)
FlexRecs: Expressing and Combining Flexible Recommendations
Georgia Koutrika (Stanford University)
Benjamin Bercovitz (Stanford University)
Hector Garcia-Molina (Stanford University)

Research Session 20: Data Management Pearls
Session Chair: Jagadish
Efficient Approximate Entity Extraction with Edit Distance Constraints
Wei Wang (University of New South Wales and NICTA)
Chuan Xiao (University of New South Wales and NICTA)
Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales and NICTA)
Chengqi Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney)
GAMPS: Compressing Multi Sensor Data by Grouping and Amplitude Scaling
Sorabh Gandhi (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Suman Nath (Microsoft Research)
Subhash Suri (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Jie Liu (Microsoft Research)
Optimizing I/O-Intensive Transactions in Highly Interactive Applications
Mohamed A. Sharaf (University of Toronto)
Panos K. Chrysanthis (University of Pittsburgh)
Alexandros Labrinidis (University of Pittsburgh)
Cristiana Amza (University of Toronto)

Research Session 21: Indexing
Session Chair: Xuemin Lin
A Revised R*-tree in Comparison with Related Index Structures
Norbert Beckmann (University of Bremen)
Bernhard Seeger (University of Marburg)
3-HOP: A High-Compression Indexing Scheme for Reachability Query
Ruoming Jin (Kent State University)
Yang Xiang (Kent State University)
Ning Ruan (Kent State University)
David Fuhry (Kent State University)
Serial and Parallel Methods for I/O Efficient Suffix Tree Construction
Amol Ghoting (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Konstantin Makarychev (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)



Industrial Session 1: Data Warehousing
Session Chair: Wolfgang Lehner
Data Warehouse Technology by Infobright
Dominik Slezak (Infobright Inc.)
Victoria Eastwood (Infobright Inc.)
Stream Warehousing With DataDepot
Lukasz Golab (AT&T Labs – Research)
Theodore Johnson (AT&T Labs – Research)
J. Spencer Seidel (AT&T Labs – Research)
Vladislav Shkapenyuk (AT&T Labs – Research)
Peta-Scale Data Warehousing at Yahoo!
Krishna Uppala (Yahoo!)
Richard Johnson (Yahoo!)
Cheng Chen (Yahoo!)
Joerg Hallmann (Yahoo!)
Waqar Hasan (Yahoo!)

Industrial Session 2: Exploiting New Hardware
Session Chair: Magda Balazinska
Advances in Flash Memory SSD Technology for Enterprise Database Applications
Sang-Won Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
Bongki Moon (University of Arizona)
Chanik Park (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Parallelizing Extensible Query Optimizers
Florian M. Waas (Greenplum Inc.)
Joseph M. Hellerstein (UC Berkeley)
A Data Warehouse Appliance for the Mass Market
Ravi Krishnamurthy (Kickfire)

Industrial Session 3: Data Services
Session Chair: Brian Cooper
A Comparison of Flexible Schemas for Software as a Service
Stefan Aulbach (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
Dean Jacobs (SAP AG)
Alfons Kemper (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
Michael Seibold (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
The Design of the Multitenant Internet Application Development Platform
Craig Weissman (
Steve Bobrowski (
Filtered Statistics
Pawel Terlecki (Microsoft Corp.)
Hardik Bati (Microsoft Corp.)
Cesar Galindo-Legaria (Microsoft Corp.)
Peter Zabback (Microsoft Corp.)

Industrial Sessions 4: Advances in Query Optimization
Session Chair: Volker Markl
Partial Join Order Optimization in the ParAccel Analytic Database
Yijou Chen (ParAccel, Inc.)
Richard L. Cole (ParAccel, Inc.)
William J. McKenna (ParAccel, Inc.)
Sergei Perfilov (ParAccel, Inc.)
Aman Sinha (ParAccel, Inc.)
Eugene Szedenits (ParAccel, Inc.)
Dynamic Plan Generation for Parameterized Queries
Ahmad Ghazal (Teradata Corporation)
Dawit Seid (Teradata Corporation)
Bhashyam Ramesh (Teradata Corporation)
Alain Crolotte (Teradata Corporation)
Manjula Koppuravuri (Teradata Corporation)
Vinod G. (Teradata Corporation)
Ordering, Distinctness, Aggregation, Partitioning and DQP Optimization in Sybase ASE 15
Mihnea Andrei (Sybase, Inc.)
Xun Cheng (Sybase, Inc.)
Sudipto Chowdhuri (Sybase, Inc.)
Curtis Johnson (Sybase, Inc.)
Edwin Seputis (Sybase, Inc.)

Industrial Session 5: Transactions, Security, and Caching
Session Chair: Bettina Kemme
Taming the Storage Dragon: The Adventures of HoTMaN
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh (USC)
Andrew Goodney (USC)
Chetan Sharma (USC)
Chris Bissell (MySpace)
Felipe Carino (MySpace)
Naveen Nannapaneni (MySpace)
Alex Wergeles (MySpace)
Aber Whitcomb (MySpace)
Compensation-Aware Data types in RDBMS
Aravind Yalamanchi (Oracle USA)
Dieter Gawlick (Oracle USA)
Access Control in AquaLogic Data Services Platform
Vinayak Borkar (University of California, Irvine)
Michael Carey (University of California, Irvine)
Daniel Engovatov (Stanford University)
Dmitry Lychagin (Oracle Corporation)
Panagiotis Reveliotis (BEA Systems Inc)
Joshua Spiegel (Oracle Corporation)
Sachin Thatte (Oracle Corporation)
Till Westmann (SAP AG)

Industrial Session 6: Industrial Directions
Session Chair: Stavros Harizopoulos
Building Community-Centric Information Exploration Applications on Social Content Sites
Sihem Amer-Yahia (Yahoo! Research)
Jian Huang (Penn State)
Cong Yu (Yahoo! Research)
QoX-Driven ETL Design: Reducing the Cost of ETL Consulting Engagements
Alkis Simitsis (HP Labs)
Kevin Wilkinson (HP Labs)
Malu Castellanos (HP Labs)
Umeshwar Dayal (HP Labs)
Query Optimizers: Time to Rethink the Contract?
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)


Tutorial 1: Large-Scale Uncertainty Management Systems: Learning and Exploiting Your Data
Shivnath Babu (Duke University)
Sudipto Guha (University of Pennsylvania)
Kamesh Munagala (Duke University)

Tutorial 2: FPGA: What's in it for a Database?
Rene Mueller (ETH Zurich)
Jens Teubner (ETH Zurich)

Tutorial 3: Keyword Search on Structured and Semi-Structured Data
Yi Chen (Arizona State University)
Wei Wang (University of New South Wales and NICTA)
Ziyang Liu (Arizona State University)
Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales and NICTA)

Tutorial 4: Database Research in Computer Games
Alan Demers (Cornell University)
Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University)
Christoph Koch (Cornell University)
Ben Sowell (Cornell University)
Walker White (Cornell University)

Tutorial 5: Anonymized Data: Generation, Models, Usage
Graham Cormode (AT&T Labs)
Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs)


Demonstration Session: Group A
DejaVu: Declarative Pattern Matching over Live and Archived Streams of Events
Nihal Dindar (ETH Zurich)
Baris Guc (ETH Zurich)
Patrick Lau (ETH Zurich)
Asli Ozal (ETH Zurich)
Merve Soner (ETH Zurich)
Nesime Tatbul (ETH Zurich)
StreamShield: A Stream-Centric Approach Towards Security and Privacy in Data Stream Environments
Rimma V. Nehme (Purdue University)
Hyo-Sang Lim (Purdue University)
Elisa Bertino (Purdue University)
Elke A. Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Supporting a Spectrum of Out-of-Order Event Processing Technologies: From Aggressive to Conservative Methodologies
Mingzhu Wei (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Mo Liu (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Denis Golovnya (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Elke A. Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Kajal Claypool (Lincoln Labs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ming Li (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
ELMR: Lightweight Mobile Health Records
Arvind Kumar (New York University)
Amey Purandare (New York University)
Jay Chen (New York University)
Arthur Meacham (New York University)
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian (New York University)
Bridging the Application and DBMS Divide Using Static Analysis and Dynamic Profiling
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)
Vivek Narasayya (Microsoft Research)
Manoj Syamala (Microsoft Research)
Interactive Plan Hints for Query Optimization
Nicolas Bruno (Microsoft Research)
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)
Ravishankar Ramamurthy (Microsoft Research)
What's on the Grapevine?
Albert Angel (University of Toronto)
Nick Koudas (University of Toronto)
Nikos Sarkas (University of Toronto)
Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Inc. – Research)
PRIMA: Archiving and Querying Historical Data with Evolving Schemas
Hyun J. Moon (UCLA)
Carlo A. Curino (Politecnico di Milano)
Myungwon Ham (UCLA)
Carlo Zaniolo (UCLA)

Demonstration Session: Group B
SIGMOD Programming Contest
Programming contestant finalists will demonstrate and discuss their main memory index implementations.
ORDEN: Outlier Region Detection and Exploration in Sensor Networks
Conny Franke (University of California at Davis)
Michael Gertz (University of Heidelberg)
Interactive Anonymization of Sensitive Data
Xiaokui Xiao (Cornell University)
Guozhang Wang (Cornell University)
Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University)
The Perm Provenance Management System in Action
Boris Glavic (University of Zurich)
Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zurich)
A Decisions Query Language (DQL): High-Level Abstraction for Mathematical Programming over Databases
Alexander Brodsky (George Mason University)
Mayur M. Bhot (George Mason University)
Manasa Chandrashekar (George Mason University)
Nathan E. Egge (George Mason University)
X. Sean Wang (University of Vermont)
Ferry: Database-Supported Program Execution
Torsten Grust (Universitat Tubingen)
Manuel Mayr (Universitat Tubingen)
Jan Rittinger (Universitat Tubingen)
Tom Schreiber (Universitat Tubingen)
Extreme Visualisation of Query Optimizer Search Space
Anisoara Nica (Sybase iAnywhere Solutions)
Daniel Scott Brotherston (University of Waterloo)
David William Hillis (University of Waterloo)
MayBMS: A Probabilistic Database Management System
Jiewen Huang (University of Oxford)
Lyublena Antova (Cornell University)
Christoph Koch (Cornell University)
Dan Olteanu (University of Oxford)

Demonstration Session: Group C
Exploring Biomedical Databases with BioNav
Abhijith Kashyap (SUNY Buffalo)
Vagelis Hristidis (Florida International University)
Michalis Petropoulos (SUNY Buffalo)
Sotiria Tavoulari (Yale University)
MobileMiner: A Real World Case Study of Data Mining in Mobile Communication
Tengjiao Wang (Peking University)
Bishan Yang (Peking University)
Jun Gao (Peking University)
Dongqing Yang (Peking University)
Shiwei Tang (Peking University)
Haoyu Wu (Peking University)
Kedong Liu (Peking University)
Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University)
Fast and Dynamic OLAP Exploration Using UDFs
Zhibo Chen (University of Houston)
Carlos Ordonez (University of Houston)
Carlos Garcia-Alvarado (University of Houston)
AIDE: Ad-hoc Intents Detection Engine over Query Logs
Yunliang Jiang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Hui-Ting Yang (National Tsing Hua University)
Kevin Chen-chuan Chang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Yi-Shin Chen (National Tsing Hua University)
Exploring Schema Repositories with Schemr
Kuang Chen (University of California, Berkeley)
Jayant Madhavan (Google, Inc.)
Alon Halevy (Google, Inc.)
Search Your Memory ! - An Associative Memory Based Desktop Search System
Jidong Chen (EMC Research China)
Hang Guo (EMC Research China)
Wentao Wu (Fudan University)
Chunxin Xie (Fudan University)
ExQueX: Exploring and Querying XML Documents
Benny Kimelfeld (IBM)
Yehoshua Sagiv (The Hebrew University)
Gidi Weber (The Hebrew University)
CourseRank: A Social System for Course Planning
Benjamin Bercovitz (Stanford University)
Filip Kaliszan (Stanford University)
Georgia Koutrika (Stanford University)
Henry Liou (Stanford University)
Zahra Mohammadi Zadeh (Stanford University)
Hector Garcia-Molina (Stanford University)

Demonstration Session: Group D
SmartCIS: Integrating Digital and Physical Environments
Mengmeng Liu (University of Pennsylvania)
Svilen R. Mihaylov (University of Pennsylvania)
Zhuowei Bao (University of Pennsylvania)
Marie Jacob (University of Pennsylvania)
Zachary G. Ives (University of Pennsylvania)
Boon Thau Loo (University of Pennsylvania)
Sudipto Guha (University of Pennsylvania)
DataLens: Making a Good First Impression
Bin Liu (University of Michigan)
H.V. Jagadish (University of Michigan)
MEDIALIFE: From Images to a Life Chronicle
Amarnath Gupta (University of California San Diego)
Setareh Rafatirad (University of California Irvine)
Mingyan Gao (University of California Irvine)
Ramesh Jain (University of California Irvine)
Enabling Enterprise Mashups over Unstructured Text Feeds with InfoSphere MashupHub and SystemT
David E. Simmen (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Frederick Reiss (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Yunyao Li (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Suresh Thalamati (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Answering Web Queries Using Structured Data Sources
Stelios Paparizos (Microsoft Research)
Alexandros Ntoulas (Microsoft Research)
John Shafer (Microsoft Research)
Rakesh Agrawal (Microsoft Research)
HDSampler: Revealing Data Behind Web Form Interfaces
Anirban Maiti (University of Texas at Arlington)
Arjun Dasgupta (University of Texas at Arlington)
Nan Zhang (George Washington University)
Gautam Das (University of Texas at Arlington)
Hermes: A Travel through Semantics on the Data Web
Haofen Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Thomas Penin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Kaifeng Xu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Junquan Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Xinruo Sun (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Linyun Fu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Qiaoling Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Thanh Tran (Institute AIFB, Universität Karlsruhe)
Peter Haase (Institute AIFB, Universität Karlsruhe)
Rudi Studer (Institute AIFB, Universität Karlsruhe)
Yong Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Vispedia: On-demand Data Integration for Interactive Visualization and Exploration
Bryan Chan (Stanford University)
Justin Talbot (Stanford University)
Leslie Wu (Stanford University)
Nathan Sakunkoo (Stanford University)
Mike Cammarano (Stanford University)
Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)


Keynote Talk 1
Enterprise Applications - OLTP and OLAP - Share One Database Architecture
Hasso Plattner (Hasso-Plattner-Institute for IT Systems Engineering)
Accompanying Paper (PDF)

Keynote Talk 2
Transforming Data Access Through Public Visualization
Fernanda B. Viegas (IBM)
Martin Wattenberg (IBM)


Special Invited Session on Human-Computer Interaction with Information
Session Chair: Jeffrey Pierce
Design for Interaction
Daniel Tunkelang (Endeca)
Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Social Data Analysis
Jeffrey Heer (Stanford University)
Augmented Social Cognition
Ed H. Chi (PARC)

Special Invited Session on Systems Research and Information Management
Session Chair: Michael Carey
Storage Class Memory: Technology, Systems and Applications
Richard F. Freitas (IBM)
Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level Programming Language
Michael Isard (Microsoft Research)
Yuan Yu (Microsoft Research)


SIGMOD Award Presentations         

Presentations by SIGMOD Award Winners
Session Chair: David Maier (Portland State University)
SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award Talk
Masaru Kitsuregawa (Univ. of Tokyo) SIGMOD Test of Time Award Talk: Applying Wavelets in Database Systems
Jeffrey S. Vitter (Texas A & M University), Min Wang (IBM T. J. Watson) 2009 ACM SIGMOD Jim Gray Dissertation Award
Daniel Abadi, Thesis: Query Execution in Column-Oriented Database Systems
SIGMOD Best Demonstrations Award

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